Die Details sind nicht die Details. Sie bilden das Design.

Charles Eames

neun neunundneunzig


editorial design / bachelor thesis

ADC AWARD - Bronze Nagel

Nachwuchswettbewerb 2014

The project and book "Neun Neunundneunzig" ("Nine Ninety-Nine") adresses to the flood of pictures we are confronted with, in today's modern life. Furthermore it deals with the source of this flood, which has its origins in the habit of photographing daily life. The project aimed to investigate these aspects along with their recurring patterns, for which a daily series of nine pictures was accumulated over the course of a year. The book shows a selection of 99 series.


The interaction between (i)Phoneography and modern photo-book design breaks the digital cycle of these images and invites the viewer to take a closer look at the actual quality of the smartphone-created photographs, beyond regard for retro filters and other gimmicks. Probably the biggest difference between "Neun Neunundneunzig" and other photo-books is that none of the 891 pictures shown in the book were ever opened with a photo editing program.


The book’s conceptual structure, alongside a supportive use of a strong, mutual interaction between word and image gives the viewer a more profound and deeper understanding of the images, and in turn for a new era of photography. The project features more than 10,000 images which were collected in six countries across two continents.